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Volume 1, Issue 2

Page 3

Gunnison Street Improvements

By the time this issue of the KNOB HILL NEIGHBOR is published, the equipment may be on site in the 2500 block of Gunnison preparing to install curb, gutter and sidewalks.
The project, paid for with CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds from the federal government, has taken over a year to plan since neighbor Steve Barben spoke with Stephanie Johnson, PAB & NA President, about the condition of the street and resulting problems which included flooded basements and driveway erosion.   There has also been much concern about  pedestrian safety as traffic tends to speed through the neighborhood.
Several months ago Don Sides, Colorado Springs Neighborhood
Redevelopment, and representatives of the CS City Engineering Dept., met with neighbors "in the street" to talk about the improvements and decide on curb design and street configuration which should decrease traffic speed and discourage neighborhood auto repair shops from parking cars on the block haphazardly.     
Several of the neighborhood homes have been owner-occupied for 20-30 years and we hope those neighbors are able to enjoy their homes for many years to come with the new improvements.