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The campaign by PLATTE AVENUE BUSINESS & NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION and EASTLAKE NEIGHBORS to return the STATUE OF LIBERTY replica to City Hall (its original location) has gained citizen support from many residents of Colorado Spring/El Paso County as well as from residents of Kansas City, where the original Statue of Liberty Replica Project began in the mid 1940's.  Numerous cities around the United States have taken on similar projects--returning the small statues to their original locations or placing them in more dignified locations.  Many of the Statues are gone--some totally disintegrated through lack of care, some probably stolen, others simply thrown away by uncaring communities.  Our Statue is currently located in front of the
Police Operations Center at Rio Grande & S. Nevada Ave.
Phil McCaffrey presented the relocation idea to CONO members at their May, 2004, meeting.  In attendance was a gentleman who participated as a Boy Scout in the original project in Colorado Springs (1949-50).  His Troop of Boy Scouts gave the small Statue of Liberty to the citizens of Colorado Springs in 1950.   
               Petitions are being gathered to request permission from City officials to relocate the Statue.  Voter registration is not required.  Children may sign.  For further information, or to sign a petition, please call (719) 473.5653 or (719) 444.0654.