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     What improvements do you think are needed in the neighborhood?  Look around at the streets, buildings, signs, skyline, the pedestrians and the passing cars.  PAB & NA has taken a proactive approach to eliminate and correct some of the long, ongoing problems in the area.  We need YOUR help to identify those problems and issues.
     One area of Knob Hill has a high concentration of car repair/car collection businesses.  The City's Planning Dept. has ignored many of the objections from PAB & NA related to those businesses and, due to C-6 zoning, the businesses are springing up quickly in an area where some long-time residents are trying to exist.  A single-family residence was recently demolished to make way for a metal building to be used for
another auto related business.  A basic problem is that many of those businesses are property renters and, in many cases, the landlord believes he or she has no responsibility to the neighborhood.
     Several responsible businesses have added on to existing or built new buildings.  All Around Automotive recently expanded its building and added a landscape area in front along Platte Place.  The improvements are a very nice addition to the neighborhood!
     At the current rate of influx, however, businesses other than those which are automobile related may be forced out of the area  because of the well-known, following issues:  traffic speed and congestion on neighborhood streets--especially Platte Ave., Platte Pl., Boulder, Gunnison, Willamette and St. Vrain; stockpiling of vehicles on and along public streets, and on private property; pedestrian traffic/loiterers/potential vandals; illegal solicitation of goods and/or services; illegal sandwich board signs along streets--especially Platte Ave.--often found blown into neighboring properties or traffic lanes; businesses which are deemed "illegal" because of zoning issues--  regardless, even if approved by the Health Department, might not be "legal" businesses; and, trash along public thoroughfares.   
    Attend a PAB & NA meeting and state your concerns or submit a written statement to PAB & NA, P. O. Box 17578, CSCO 80935-7578.